The World Croquet Federation released the new 5th edition of the Golf Croquet Rules in July. Several changes have been made as a result of. Golf Croquet Rules - Previous stroke. The stroke before the last stroke (see Rule ). Receiver. The player entitled to play an extra stroke in a. The following is a simplified set of the rules of Golf Croquet. Also available is a brief synopsis, ideal for beginners. The basic rules are abbreviated from the.

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Golf Croquet Rules. Double Taps & Crushes. While most players are aware of the existence of “double taps” and “crushes” in. Golf Croquet, many are often. Golf Croquet, which is a greatly simplified version of The purpose of this booklet is to help beginners to learn the basic techniques and rules of the four. The new Golf Croquet Rules (5th edition) come into effect in the UK at the these PDF documents on the World Croquet Federation website.

A ball is considered to be successfully through a wicket when the entire ball has cleared the wicket.

A simple test would be running the mallet head down both sides of the wicket — and none of the mallet touches the ball. During regular play the ball and mallet come together on either circular end of the mallet.

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Spread your feet apart, facing the ball to be hit, and back-swing the mallet back through your legs — hitting the ball when you move the mallet forward. Each turn consists of one stroke. There are NO extra shots for hitting other balls before making wickets.

You may Not put your foot on your ball to knock another ball away. When a ball crosses over the boundary line, that ball is brought back inside the boundary line, one mallet-head length, at the point it crossed over the line.

In the next turn the ball is played from there. Each games lasts 30 minutes.

Here are some instances — and what the outcome is: A. A player may shoot for position at the next wicket before the wicket being contested is made, but cannot earn a point there until the contested wicket is scored e.

The player shoots for the next wicket and happens to make it through or is knocked through before the contested wicket is scored. If second colour balls are used the sequence is Green, Pink, Brown, White. Each turn consists of one stroke only.

There are never any extra strokes for running hoops or hitting other balls. Click for full-size image 4. The court settings and equipment are the much the same as for AC. Sometimes, each side carries six clips of their own colour, which are placed on the hoops to mark who scored each one as the game progresses.

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The game starts by playing the balls in order from a position within one yard of corner 4 see Diagram 1. Note that for friendly or club games this rule is often relaxed to be anywhere within one yard of the East boundary, and between corner 4 and level with the 4th hoop - this is so as to reduce wear on the corner area.

All players try in successive turns to run hoop 1. As soon as any player completes the running of hoop 1, then the hoop point is scored for that side.

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All players then move on from where their balls currently are to contest hoop 2, and so on around the court. So each hoop is scored only once, for one side or the other. The side scoring the hoop may place one of their coloured clips on the hoop.

The hoops are run in the order and direction shown in Diagram 1. The game is usually played as a "best of 13 point" game, and stops as soon as one player has scored 7.

If the points are level after running the 12th hoop, the game is decided by contesting hoop 3 again. The peg plays no part in GC, other than as an obstacle and a reminder of colour order. The Turn 8.

A turn consists of a single stroke. A stroke is played when the striker the owner of the ball due to be played next hits the correct ball with their mallet and causes it to move, or commits a fault see para. A player may not deem a stroke to be played.

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When any ball leaves the court, it is placed on the boundary where it went off. If, when a boundary ball comes to be played, there is insufficient space outside the boundary to allow the striker to play the stroke freely, then the ball may be moved in from the boundary by the minimum amount required to allow an unhampered stroke.

If a boundary ball obstructs the playing of another ball, the boundary ball may be temporarily removed.

If replacement of a ball on the boundary is prevented by the presence of another ball which will be played first, then the ball is replaced after the obstructing ball has been played. Otherwise the obstructing ball is temporarily removed to allow the stroke to be played. A ball may be jumped over a hoop or another ball, provided that the lawn surface is not damaged by the mallet see faults para 21 e.

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Hoop Point A ball scores a hoop point by passing through the next hoop in the order and direction shown in Diagram 1. This is also known as running a hoop. Click for full-size image A ball begins to run a hoop when any part of it first emerges from the back non-playing side of the hoop and finishes doing so when the whole of it finally enters the front of the hoop playing side , provided that it does not come back past this point later in the stroke see Diagram 2.

A ball may take more than one turn to complete the running of a hoop. If a ball other than the striker's ball is knocked through the next hoop in order, then that hoop is scored for side owning that ball.

If more than one ball runs a hoop in the same stroke, then the ball which was closest to the hoop at the start of the stroke is deemed to have scored the point.Some players would block without hesitation.

The game is down to the last wicket and the game could be decided by hitting the center stake. Use some relaxing techniques during the game 4.

Standards To develop your game, you need to think about where you currently are, your standard, and where you want to be. Click for full-size image For the first bonus shot, the player has four options: [30] From a mallet-head distance or less away from the ball that was hit "taking a mallet-head" From a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball held steady by the striker's foot or hand a "foot shot" or "hand shot" From a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball not held by foot or hand a "croquet shot" From where the striker ball stopped after the roquet.

The Basic Rules of Golf Croquet

If a shot is within your comfort zone, you know that you will have a high percentage of a successful outcome. Some players would take out Red every time.

In the film Heathers , Winona Ryder and her friends, the Heathers, are depicted as playing croquet, though at the beginning, the Heathers are playing croquet to hit someone on the head.

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